Old artwork: Master of the Nealverse


Day one of me posting old artwork.

This was basically what really started it all back in September of 2013. A fellow by the name of itmeJP ran a roleplaying show on his twitch channel, and I watched every episode back in the day. My brother, who was much more attuned to internet culture than I was, told me, that I should totally draw some fan art for their show, that it would be really good to get attention. He turned out to be quite right.

Much more talented artists than me were drawing art of the player characters, I felt like I would be just one of the many. Not a bad thing, to be sure, but I still had a desire to stand out. Not many people were drawing art for the Dungeon Master though, so I decided that would be my project. I was pleased to discover that the Rollplay community was very endearing and supportive, and gave me great feedback.

I would go on to draw many player and non-player characters in the future.

Check out the link to the original posting on DeviantArt here!


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