Commander Tresdin


The first e-sport I ever played regularly was Defense of the Ancients 2 (DOTA 2), a top-down, team based strategy action game, where two teams fight down three lanes of battling minions to try and destroy the opponents’ ancient. The playable hero characters in this game are divided into categories based on which of the three main attributes is their defining one: Strength, Agility, or intelligence. The strength column has (or at least had when I stopped playing) only one woman in its roster: Legion commander.

Commander Tresdin is the leader of the destroyed Bronze Legion, a unit whipped out when responding to a demon attack on the city of Stonehall. She fought the leader of the demonic legion one-on-one, and came out victorious. She since then wonders the land in search of revenge for her fallen brethren, and damned be any who try to stand in her way.

Link to the original posting on DeviantArt here!


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