Maid RPG poster


Let’s get this straight: I do NOT like anime. As someone who started out wanting to be a comic-book artist I have no issues with rigid, rule-following art design, nor will I begrudge a group of animators who don’t want to bother animating lip movement. As far as anime is concerned storytelling, the tropes in particular are my number one beef with the art form. Not to mention the portrayal of women is a particular sore spot for me. Anime very rarely has women, to me they all look like girls. That’s just my two cents. I also have no problem with others liking anime.

The Rollplay crew on itmeJP’s Twitch channel once did a one-shot with a system called Maid RPG, a game where the players make characters and play stories inspired by those much beloved anime tropes I so detest. It is in such a fashion that one player ended up with a white-haired, pure vampire, who would carry a bazooka. No, I’m being serious.

As I did for most of the shows at the time, I decided to make a poster of the four player characters in a style as anime as I could possible manage with practically no prior experience in recreating the art style. It is not a place I am eager to visit again soon, but at least I experienced this as well.

Original posting on DeviantArt.


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