Amazon firing line


Today I’m posting something a little more recent. A while ago I had an idea to start a new comic series about a world in which the mythical Amazon society actually existed in the exact way described by ancient Greek literature (well, not entirely that way, I did want to make a few alterations). Considering my view of women it should come as no surprise that I really like the idea of the Amazons. The comic never made it past the conceptual faze, but the inspiration did lead to a number of cool drawings of what Amazonian warriors would have looked like in various periods of history.

This picture is of an Amazonian firing line from the late 18th, early 19th century battlefield. A fun thing to draw, since the military uniforms of the time period were less focused on being practical, and thus had a ton of character to them. I let the Amazons keep their bronze colors, as well as the Greek kilts. Officers tended to have more flair to their appearance, so the one in my picture received a set of bronze armor and a helm with horse-hair. The uneven knees of the lady on the left will forever haunt my nightmares. I have no clue how I never saw that while I was drawing.

Original DeviantArt posting here.

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