Soldier 63 (aka. Female Soldier: 76)


The following of my drawings is the one that received the most favorites on DeviantArt. Overwatch players will likely recognize the gun and outfit of Soldier: 76, the organization’s former leader. Re-imagining my favorite characters from fiction as their possible female selves is a thing I do regularly. And it’s not like this is a unique thing I do, many others create drawings in the so called “rule 63” category. It is hard to find a version though that doesn’t have ridiculously large and uncovered breasts, and isn’t just all out “fan-service-y” as hell. The comments I received on this one all make a note of that. It was nice to see that some folks do want to see gender-bent versions of characters, that are not just there for objectification.

Check out the original post on DeviantArt here.

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