Comic: The Mars Squad

I’ve gotten back into a Superhero swing of late. My two best friends moved away recently, and while we are still in frequent contact, I still really miss them. I asked one of them for some help inspiring me to draw again. She responded with the following: “How about a drawing about the three of us, where we live on a colony on Mars. We work regular jobs during the day, but in our free time we are Superheroes.” Pretty much all of this idea hit me by surprise, the last bit in particular. I thought it was super silly at first, but the more I thought about it the more into it I became. So much so, that I opted to do a comic rather than just a picture (just like the last comic I did).

Check out the origin comic of this new group of superheroes by clicking the image below!


You can also check it out on DeviantArt here!


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