New Self-Portrait – Tyr


September is my month of birth, and as such I like to make a change of profile pictures. It’s good motivation to draw something.

I described in detail the thought process of me creating new profile pictures in a previous post. The short version: This is as close as I ever get to cosplaying, and my pictures reflect a part of my personality or mood I feel comfortable displaying. So though I draw myself more than just once a year, I don’t always apply new self-portraits as profile pictures to represent me.

I was inspired by this years awesome new release, the video game God of War. A former Greek god lives a reclusive life in the land of the Norse gods, and upon death of his wife starts on a life-defining journey with his son (a.k.a. “Boy”) to the top of the tallest peak in all the realms. Along the way they are confronted by numerous members of the Norse pantheon, such as Baldr, Freya, the brothers Magni and Modi, and Mimir who becomes a lasting member of their party. It is from him that the pair learn of the exploits of Tyr, the Norse god of war, who despite his title was actually a very kind, fair sort. The player never meets him in person, but his works are ever present throughout the land, as he labored to keep possibly world-destroying secrets out of the hands of the fearful and paranoid Odin as well as his gluttonous, aggressive and deplorable son, Thor.

Following the inspiration I looked up what was known of Tyr. For a god of War and Glory, he was much more known for being an aspect of Justice. Giver of Law, they called him. The most notable story featuring him was the Binding of Fenrir, where he willingly allowed the giant wolf to bite his hand off, making the sacrifice needed to keep the dangerous creature bound by magical chains. He saw this not just as a service to the gods and all mortal beings, but also as justice to Fenrir himself.

My choosing to become Tyr for this next picture has nothing to do with how I see myself. Based on what I know Tyr is a figure of great moral standards and self-sacrifice. A god known for being just and valorous in all circumstances. I am not like that. I do wish I was though. So this is me depicting my aspiration to be better than I am.

Also we both share very old, mythological first names that have three letters and start with a “T”. So there’s also that.

Picture is available on DeviantArt here.


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