Chapter two is out! Amenrahersef – A DnD villain backstory

WARNING! Mature content!

Chapter two PDF

Welcome back! In the previous post I introduced the first chapter of the backstory I wrote for a D&D villain I created. Chapter two is now finished, and it turned out even longer than the first as I get into the swing of portraying Amenrahersef at the beginning of his real vampiric existence.

BE WARNED: As this is a vampire story there is bound to be a lot of blood and murder, as well as numerous other mature themes involved with a creature no longer bound by a moral compass. Also even more horrifying, MY WRITING!!! Seriously, I have terrible spelling and make tons of mistakes, and this has not been looked over by an editor, so if you are reading this, you should do it primarily for the story and its events.

Once again, I hope you enjoy! Thank you!


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