Defeating the Dark Knight

Defeating the Dark Knight – Gotham City fan fiction (PDF)

Mature content warning!

This is my first attempt at writing fan fiction, staring a Batman turned murderous psychopath, and a group of three ladies with a mission to defeat him for good.

Summary: Batman, Gotham’s Dark Knight has abandoned his principles of non-lethality, and has begun killing the villains of the city. No one is safe from him, not even those closest to him. A traumatized Selina Kyle seeks refuge at a friend’s, Harley Quinn’s home after surviving an altercation with the changed Bruce Wayne. Together the two decide to turn Poison Ivy, the only being left in Gotham who can take on the Bat in this short introductory piece of fan fiction.



3 thoughts on “Defeating the Dark Knight

  1. I guess this is like “The Batman who Laughs” minus him actually becoming the joker where this what Batman succumbs to what he fears he would become when starts killing I guess?

    It seems Joker is responsible either way which was why he was so obsessed and fixated on him in the first place.

    I think it would make much more sense if Joker was the one who killed Bruce Wayne’s parents back when he was Jack Napier who was a gangster hitman for the mob who was then sent to Ace Chemicals to be whacked due to him being a complete psychopath/sociopath who went too far under a pretext of a heist but instead he was created by Batman/Bruce like the 1989 film therefore it connects the two much better. Since well I never liked the Killing Joke anyways.


    • I never read the Batman who Laughs, so I can’t comment on that. The people in the story all describe Batman as having gone insane but in my mind it is cold rationality. It’s the same mentality he always had of: “The system is corrupt and can’t be trusted to do the right thing, so I’ll get out there and do it myself.” Except this time the right thing is to just execute dangerous criminals without due process.

      As for the Joker being the killer of Batman’s parents: it depends on what story you want to tell. If Joker is the killer, then Batman’s mission can be boiled down to a single rivalry and personal revenge. If the killer was just an average Joe Chill, it means that his parents died to a problem that is far more deep and complex then the actions of a single killer clown.


      • Although when the Joker killed Wayne’s parents, that was back when he was still Jack Napier a hitman mobster for the mafia which they had a hit on Thomas Wayne due to being in debt and Jack happened to be the one to whack them that night and Joe Chill was part of Jack’s gang as well and he’s the one who grabbed Martha’s perils and I think the original plan was to whack Thomas only but Jack Napier being a psychopath he is, he instead chooses to murder the entire family and when he was about to kill Bruce Joe stopped him. That was way before he fell into a vat of chemicals and becoming the Joker so I guess since the Joker was always apart of organized crime, it still gives Batman a excuse to have a crusade against crime so it works either way.

        Also because I liked the Noir aesthetics of the 1989 film which fits much better for Batman than the Killing Joke’s “Red Hood” background which I’m not a fan of to be honest.


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