Greetings visitor!

My name is Lemorack. Welcome to my website!

I am a Hungarian-American man currently living in Budapest, and I spend much of the time I have free from studies working on various creative projects. Some of these you can find on DeviantArt, others on Youtube and the like, and some you can not find anywhere unless you take the time to hack my home PC. This website is the place I have chosen to be the hub for all of it, the main place to find everything, all the drawings, videos and writings that make up the entity known as “Lemorack”.

So again, welcome! I am truly flattered to have your interest for however long!

I sincerely hope you enjoy your stay!

About the stuff I do

I love many genres of fiction, my mood is what defines which one happens to be in focus, not to mention what ever piece of popular fiction I consumed the latest. Fantasy and scifi /space exploration are usually the ones on top. It is within these areas that I focus on creating content: gaming videos, drawings, and on occasion comics and writing. The one element that dominates everything I create is this: Women. Hang on, its not what you think. Let me explain. Whenever I imagine a story, the fact that the main characters, that the badass heroes are women is as obvious to me, as it is that the player character in an FPS game is a jar-head man between the ages of 20 and 40. Women ARE the heroes in most of my worlds, and they are the subject of most my work. I have a vision of the ideal woman, one that differs from the same vision of other men, and to my surprise also of most other women I interact with. This view of women, or at least aspects of it, is slowly starting creep into popular culture, but I find that it is still mostly underrepresented. The will to make this image of the female gender more widespread, or the desire to discover a hidden societal need for it to surface is one of the things that keeps me making content.

So, with that in mind, here are the types of content you can find here on my site.


The largest portion of my creative activities are my drawings. I create them digitally using a program called ArtRage Studio. It was the first drawing software I ever purchased, and all the time I spent learning how to use it is what kept me from ever using photoshop (even though I would probably be better off learning that instead). The vast majority of my drawings are character art, pictures of a single figure sometimes with a background of sorts. My initial push in this direction came from the years I was making fan art for table-top roleplaying shows on Twitch. Though I don’t really watch any of them any more, the satisfying feeling from completing a single character drawing remained, and I have been doing that ever since, with occasional deviations from the formula. Note the overwhelming presents of female characters. Perhaps this is the easiest was to get a grasp on what that particular ideal woman I spoke of earlier is.

I have also gotten into the habbit of recording my latest drawings and uploading timelapse videos to my Youtube. So if you want to see how some of these drawings are made, that is where you can find them.

Check them out here!

Gaming videos

I play video games all the bloody time, and as long as that is the case, I might as well share it. Gaming content turned out to be remarkably easy to make. Just record the gameplay, keep it to roughly watchable lengths for each episode, and find a time I can leave my computer unused to spend several hours uploading each day. The ability to share my gaming experiences with others who might enjoy them is a very attractive idea to me. If many people watch them, then I might get something going from all of it. If nobody watches them… well, that’s just the case if I don’t even bother recording. So there is literally nothing to lose.

The games I enjoy the most that can be found on my Youtube are games such as Kerbal Space Program, Heroes of the Storm, X-COM 2, Subnautica, and many others. (Some video series are done in Hungarian)

Check them out here!

Written stories

Not something that I do much nowadays sadly, but at one point I was so into writing novels, that I started a bunch, and even finished two. I am very critical of most of them, especially my older stuff, and am considering spending time to go back and fix some of them. If you want to join me in criticizing them, my written stories are exclusive to this website. So go ahead and read away!

Check them out here!


This is where it all began. I started out wanting to be a comic book artist, and practiced to become just that. Many factors played into it, but in the end it was just not meant to be. I still had several tries at making comics, and I have a few scripts started or finished. The process is to unrewarding overall for me personally to devote lots of time to it on my own, but I do still have a few products in this field I can show, as well as plans I had (or have) for other comics.

Check them out here!