If there is one group of mythological women I admire more than the Amazons it would be the Valkyries. As I described to a friend recently, Valkyries are like angels, if angels weren’t lame. Guardians of the halls of Valhalla, guides of the spirits of those fallen in battle, and destined to fly into glorious combat come Ragnarök.

In this picture you can a see one of the winged warrior women descending to take on a fire-giant from the scorching realm of Muspelheim. I restarted this piece three times before I finally arrived at a composition that I liked. I am, however, very pleased that I stuck with it.

Timelapse video can be seen here on my Youtube channel.

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Shield-maiden’s ascension


This one sadly never made it past the sketch faze. It was created shortly after I finished watching season one of the Vikings series, and was happy to finally see Norse women done justice. I got the idea there to draw a picture of a Valkyrie offering her hand to a recently fallen viking warrior. So much of this image worked out well that I decided to post it, despite being incomplete.

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