Tribute: Lauralania


I was introduced to Tia aka. Lauralania via a Misscliks role-playing show, where she played a Drow-elf priestess. The character was so unlikable and full of herself (notice I said her CHARACTER) that she instantly became my favorite in the party. Tia’s style of role-playing was also extremely entertaining to watch. It helps that she rocks a voice that makes you think she has practice as a wrestling announcer or some kind of radio host.

Through the antics of her priestess character Calithra I was introduced to the world of the Dark Elves. A scene from one of the sessions inspired me to draw Calithra kneeling before the spider-queen Lolth, whom the Dark Elves revere as their deity. I generally suck when drawing animals, so the spider lower half was good practice.

Later on discovering her personal Twitch channel, I found that she was an avid player of Heroes of the Storm, a game I myself frequent as well. After getting some feedback from her over twitter, I endeavored to depict her as what I assume is her favorite Warcraft character, Sylvanas Windrunner, a former high elf ranger turned banshee after death at the hands of the Arthas.

Re-imagining characters as female versions of themselves is also kind of my thing. I watched her on stream when the fire elemental lord Ragnaros was released, and got the crazy idea of trying to make a Lauralania faced fem-ragnaros.

If you are interested in checking out her stream, you can do so here:

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DeviantArt links to the pictures:

Lolth, Slyvanas 1, Sylvanas 2, Ragnaros